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Aid4Mail helps Advanced Discovery clients to “get answers now” by converting mail formats that other eDiscovery tools can’t

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Product(s): Aid4Mail Service
Business Type: eDiscovery, Forensic, Consulting and Review Services
Business Size: Medium (50-499 employees)


Advanced Discovery is a global, expert eDiscovery partner on high-stakes, high-volume, and high-speed matters – partnering with corporate legal departments and law firms since 2002.

With more Relativity® Masters than any other eDiscovery company world-wide, Advanced Discovery offers its clients fast turnaround without sacrificing quality. Integral to this is its innovative use of technology to serve its clients’ needs.

Working with law firms and corporate clients of various sizes, it’s imperative the team at Advanced Discovery can handle any file formats their clients throw at them. Although Advanced Discovery uses Relativity, an advanced, full-service eDiscovery platform, this platform does not support all the email file formats they come across daily.

“In the eDiscovery industry, we receive multiple types of email formats,” said ESI Manager Jon Hanna. “Certain types need to be converted into a normalized format to process the contents. We receive these types of email stores daily and needed an automated way to convert to formats such as MSG and PST.”

So, after reviewing and testing different email conversion tools on the market, Hanna chose Aid4Mail because the solution (1) supports multiple email file formats, (2) produces reliable and accurate output, and (3) handles large files without any hassles.

“Most conversion tools on the market are specific to an email format rather than supporting multiple formats. Aid4Mail supports multiple formats for conversion,” Hanna said.

“In addition to this, it handles large PST files without issues. We often receive sizeable PST files that become unstable and cannot be processed. Aid4Mail can open these mail stores and output MSG files.”


Arguably the most important factors in processing email data for eDiscovery and forensic work, are the accuracy of the conversion and the preservation of metadata. If an email isn’t converted accurately, and metadata isn’t preserved, it’s possible this evidence would no longer hold up in court. This could mean putting an entire case in jeopardy. If it can be proved that this data wasn’t collected in a responsible way, an organization could also face data spoliation charges.

Because of this, it is imperative for Advanced Discovery to work with technology vendors it can trust to preserve the integrity of its clients’ email data.

“With some conversion tools, we have found the results to be inconsistent or inaccurate,” said Hanna.

“Aid4Mail can convert to the formats that we need and has proven to be consistent. When processing the data after conversion, it is of vital importance that metadata is maintained and placed into the correctly formatted fields. Aid4Mail does this.”

But accuracy is not the only challenge facing eDiscovery and Forensic professionals. In addition to having to defensibly collect data, they must also manage, cull and review vast quantities of data. This can take a lot of time, so any tool that can save time by processing data quickly is valuable.

“The speed in which Aid4mail converts data is impressive,” Hanna said. “It allows us to convert larger mail stores that would take hours to ingest. We can convert these stores to MSG files that can be ingested at a much quicker rate.”


To implement Aid4Mail into their existing workflow, the team at Advanced Discovery installed multiple licenses of Aid4Mail on their workstations.

Most commonly, they use it to convert Apple Mail to PST, or large PSTs to individual MSG files.

When a format is received that needs to be converted, they copy the data to their workstations, then select the right format in Aid4Mail, plus any filtering they would like to perform. They then simply select the output format and let Aid4Mail convert the mail.

Aid4Mail adds value in this workflow because it can handle the myriad of email formats used by different email clients, such as Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Apple Mail and Thunderbird.

“eDiscovery processing tools do not always know how to handle these different formats,” Hanna said.

“With Aid4Mail being able to work with these various types and convert them to a normalized format, we can process documents that we would not normally be able to extract content and metadata from.”


Accurate and Reliable: To ensure defensible data collection, it’s important for Advanced Discovery to work with technology vendors it can trust. With Aid4Mail, Advanced Discovery knows it can rely on the accuracy of the output.

Hanna: “The speed and consistency with Aid4Mail is at a higher level than most tools. We are able to convert large amounts of data in no time and are almost always guaranteed accurate results.”

Fast: eDiscovery and Forensic professionals deal with huge amounts of data which takes time to cull and process. Unlike full-service eDiscovery platforms, Aid4Mail is optimized for processing email data. This means it’s fast. To save time, the team at Advanced Discovery use Aid4Mail to cull and convert email data before ingesting to their full-service eDiscovery platform.

Hanna: “Aid4Mail exceeds our expectations on the speed in which it can convert data. It can convert large amounts of data in no time at all. I would say it’s at least twice as fast as other email conversion tools that we have tested on the market.”

Supports many formats: With a tool that can support multiple email formats, Advanced Discovery can better serve its customers, while also cutting down on costs.

Hanna: “There are many tools on the market that support just one format. It is convenient having a tool that can convert multiple types of email. This helps cut down on cost and need for multiple conversion tools.”

With Aid4Mail, Advanced Discovery can work with more customers that ordinarily wouldn't be supported with standard eDiscovery tools.

“Aid4Mail provides us with support for email formats that we would not normally be able to process without some type of conversion,” Hanna said. “This allows us to support a wider customer base with more diverse data sets.”

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