Aid4Mail for Large-Scale Migration

Feature Comparison Chart

Aid4Mail is used to migrate multiple email accounts from one platform to another. It can process up to 16,000 emails every minute and it has successfully migrated thousands of users' email. A blazingly fast, accurate and reliable solution, Aid4Mail is a popular choice for corporate email migration. When you choose Aid4Mail for your migration, you join the ranks of organizations like HP, Credit Suisse and the University of London.

We offer a variety of licensing options, which are designed to fit the requirements of your small, medium or enterprise-sized organization.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you find the right Aid4Mail license for your needs.

Aid4Mail Migrator Site Professional 1 year Professional 2 weeks
Recommended user base:
Recommended for enterprise organizations (250+) Yes Yes No No
Recommended for medium-sized organizations (50-250) Yes Yes No No
Recommended for small organizations (20-50) No Yes Yes Yes
Recommended for organizations with less than 20 employees No No Yes Yes
Migration performed by IT team Yes No No No
Migration performed by end-user No Yes Yes Yes
Aid4Mail run on end-users' computers No Yes Yes Yes
Aid4Mail run on server Yes No No No
Aid4Mail run on USB flash drive Yes No No No
User-friendly GUI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aid4Mail Console (CLI) Yes No No No
Aid4Mail Console Launcher (GUI) Yes No No No
One activation code per user No No Yes Yes
One activation code for all users No Yes No No
Online License Control Panel No Yes No No
Offline license key file Yes No No No
License duration 2 months +
(depending on license volume)
1 year 1 year 2 weeks
Suitable for long-term archiving No Yes Yes No
Renewable No Yes Yes No
Accurate conversion of emails and their contents, mailbox folders and metadata Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process over 40 email programs and file formats  (1) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process email files separated from their mail program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Convert directly from an external drive (e.g. USB, CD, DVD) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Option to filter out duplicates and attachments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process large files (tested on a 264 GB mbox with 3 million emails) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Merge multiple mailboxes to a single file Yes Yes Yes Yes
Split large mailboxes into smaller files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process Microsoft Exchange accounts through Outlook profiles (2) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter emails by date, keywords, and text using wildcards, regular expressions and logical operators Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scriptable for full control over email filtering, data extraction and custom export formats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Error logging and recovery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting progress information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email notifications Yes No No No
Process accounts concurrently from a single CSV file Yes No No No
Batch process multiple mail accounts from a single CSV file Yes No No No
Encrypt and password-protect CSV file Yes No No No
Batch processing Yes No No No
Run from other applications, scripts, batch files and Windows Services Yes No No No
Run migration unattended Yes No No No
Convert from PST to PST Yes No No No
Automation and scheduling Yes No No No


  1. To process Outlook MSG files, PST files, and Outlook/MAPI mail profiles, Aid4Mail requires Office Outlook.
  2. Microsoft Exchange can either be processed through an Outlook/MAPI mail profile, or through the IMAP protocol in which case the Exchange server needs to be set up for IMAP access (see instructions).