Aid4Mail Customer Stories: Sonian

Cloud archiving provider Sonian “saved time and money” by using Aid4Mail to process customer data at scale

Company Profile

Business Type: Cloud-based data archiving
Business Size: Medium (50-499 employees)


Sonian is a growing cloud-based data archiving and analytics company. Providing a service that is easy, flexible and reliable, Sonian allows companies to preserve, analyze and access their electronic communications for legal, regulatory and continuity purposes.

Part of the process of onboarding new customers often involves the ingestion of vast quantities of legacy data.

Before discovering Aid4Mail, Sonian dedicated significant resources to a time-consuming, manual processes for ingesting certain types of email data into its archive. Sonian needed a way to streamline and automate the process and save valuable development cycles.

“We go to great lengths to improve efficiency wherever we can,” said Matt Coan, Senior DevOps Engineer at Sonian. “Given the scale at which we ingest mail of all types and formats into the cloud on a daily basis, efficiency, accuracy and speed are paramount.


After researching various options on the market, Sonian was convinced the features of Aid4Mail offered exactly what it needed to automate several of its most challenging processes.

“We wanted to make our automated email ingestion more reliable, efficient and less disruptive,” said Coan. “Aid4Mail was an easy choice once it became clear what it was capable of when run from the command-line.” However, in spite of the benefits, Sonian still had some concerns about how scalable Aid4Mail would be, especially in processing large volumes of data. Sonian needed to be sure it could depend on Aid4Mail to handle customer data directly, thus reliability and speed were vital.

Yet during both testing and implementation, Aid4Mail exceeded Sonian’s expectations.

“Early on in the process, I had questions around if/how it would function at our demanding scale,” said Coan. “Having put it through its paces, it has never failed us. If there’s one thing that impresses me the most about Aid4Mail, it is how quickly and reliably it performs. It truly is impressive software.”

For its Aid4Mail implementation for Sonian, Fookes Software has since won a prestigious European award. At an award ceremony held in London, it won the Software Innovation Solution of the Year Award at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards 2016.


“Saved time and money”: Using Aid4Mail means there is no longer a need for complicated, manual processes for data conversion. Instead, they were replaced with a completely automated process. All without having to do any back-end development.

Coan: “Our ability to rely on a tool like Aid4Mail has given us back the time that would otherwise have been spent on difficult back-end development, allowing us to instead focus on building the future of archiving and analytics.”

Reliable, scalable, accurate and fast: Processing customer data is a sensitive activity which requires the utmost care. Aid4Mail provided the functionality Sonian needed, in a package that was easy to install. Coan: “We, along with our customers, have gained a significant improvement in turning around the cloud-based ingestion of specific data types in a faster, more efficient and automated fashion.”

“Fantastic” customer support: Over the years, Sonian has engaged the Fookes Software support team with complex technical and licensing queries and has never been disappointed with Fookes Software’s ability to offer functional solutions.

Coan: “I’ve never waited more than a day, and in most cases, responses come within a few hours, despite being on opposite sides of the Atlantic.”

More than 25,000 customers in 43 countries trust Sonian’s secure, proprietary platform to retain and retrieve critical data and protect intellectual property.

“Archiving is a universal need, and our diverse customer base reflects that,” said Coan. “With Aid4Mail as a part of our toolset, we can focus on developing great products for our customers, knowing we have a back-end we can trust.”

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