Email Conversion Accuracy


Consider Aid4Mail a perfectionist. It works hard to produce the best possible results for you. When processing your email, Aid4Mail accurately converts all message parts, including:

  • message formatting,
  • sender, recipient, dates and other metadata details,
  • file attachments,
  • embedded contents.

Email conversion is a complex task with many pitfalls and no product is perfect. However, Aid4Mail is unmatched in its quality and retains more information during conversion than any of its competitors, including the native import and export features of most email applications. See the example below:

From Outlook using Thunderbird’s import tool.
From Outlook to Thunderbird using Aid4Mail.

Visible Problems

With Thunderbird’s import tool, in the example above, several problems are clearly visible:

  • the image is not displayed and has been changed to an attachment,
  • accented characters have been replaced with unreadable ones,
  • one of the attachment names has been replaced with question marks.

Aid4Mail converts the email correctly, without any of these issues.

Hidden Problems

In the example above the problems are clearly visible, but this is not always the case. Other issues can be much harder to detect. For example:

  • incomplete header information,
  • incorrect “Sent”, “To”, and “Date” fields,
  • missing message status.

To make matters worse, problems may only appear in certain email messages and not in others. This makes them easy to miss. Often they are discovered too late once the originals have already been deleted.

Other Examples of Aid4Mail’s Accuracy

  1. Importing Outlook mail into Thunderbird
  2. Importing Eudora mail into Thunderbird
  3. Importing Eudora mail into Outlook
  4. Exporting Eudora mail using a competing product
  5. Extracting Outlook STMP header using a competing product

You Can Trust Aid4Mail

Accuracy is crucial in email conversion. You cannot afford to lose important data during email migrations, e-discovery or forensic investigations, or when archiving mail. If you value the integrity of your data then Aid4Mail is the tool for you. Buy now, or try Aid4Mail for free and carefully compare its output with any competing solution: