Aid4Mail MBOX Converter

The most complete FREE solution on the Internet

If you’re like most people, you want a free email converter—but not one that’s complicated or inaccurate. You want an email extractor or migration tool that’s quick and easy—but works well.

There’s just one tool that meets all these criteria: Aid4Mail’s MBOX Converter.

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter is currently the easiest and most complete FREE solution on the internet for converting between MBOX-type mailboxes and EML files.

It converts:

  • MBOX to EML
  • Thunderbird to EML
  • Eudora to EML
  • Between Mac and Windows MBOX
  • Between UNIX and Windows MBOX

Best of all, it’s the only MBOX converter that gives you the seamless experience you’re looking for—at no cost to you.

It’s Your MBOX Converter of Choice

  • Use it as a first step to export Thunderbird to Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express.
  • Convert mailboxes to EML files—which can be indexed with Windows' Desktop Search and other search tools—so you can easily find emails.
  • Convert your mailbox from Windows to Mac or UNIX. Or the other way around.

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter is easier, faster and more accurate than other free converters. It even includes several powerful features usually reserved for paid programs.

It’s easier…

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter’s wizard interface can be set up with just the click of a mouse. Its detailed context-sensitive help makes it simple to use, even if you’ve had no previous technical experience.

Screenshots of Aid4Mail MBOX Converter
Screenshot: Aid4Mail MBOX Converter’s wizard makes email conversion a breeze
It’s faster…

Other free conversion programs are slow and unwieldy. Not Aid4Mail MBOX Converter. It incorporates code from the commercial version of Aid4Mail, so the conversion process runs as smoothly as many paid tools.

It also provides an option to include subfolders without manually selecting them, which is a huge time saver for most users.

It’s more accurate…

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter restores folders AND subfolders in the proper hierarchy during conversion, making the next stage of the email migration process easier.

By comparison, most other free conversion solutions group all folders at the same level, which means you have to spend time re-creating your folder hierarchy after conversion.

In addition, Aid4Mail MBOX Converter doesn’t transfer hidden deleted messages (i.e. unpurged mail) like most other free tools do. You see, in most cases, deleted messages aren’t actually removed by your mail program—instead, they’re first copied to the trash folder and then the original message is simply hidden from display.

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter identifies deleted messages and automatically skips them, so they aren’t transferred to your new mail program. Since these hidden messages often make up more than 80% of your email, this can save you hours of clean-up.

Frankly, this feature alone makes Aid4Mail MBOX Converter an unbeatable option, but there’s another feature that makes it even more valuable…

It Keeps Your Emails Intact

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter is one of the rare free programs that actually fixes proprietary Qualcomm Eudora messages, converting them into fully compliant MIME messages. This step is necessary so that other email programs can display the messages correctly.

When you use Aid4Mail MBOX Converter, your Eudora attachments and embedded content are re-inserted into the email message during conversion. That means your important email messages are fully restored. All of them.

Main MBOX Formats Supported

  •  Thunderbird
  •  SeaMonkey
  •  Eudora
  •  Netscape
  •  Pine
  •  Entourage
  •  Apple Mail
  •  Evolution
  •  Berkeley mail
  •  BSD mail
  •  UNIX

Many Mail Client Programs Support EML Files

EML files are supported by many mail client programs, including:

  •  Office Outlook
  •  Windows Live Mail
  •  Windows Mail
  •  Outlook Express
  •  Mozilla Thunderbird

Why Should You Choose Aid4Mail MBOX Converter?

No other FREE email converter gives you so many powerful features:

  • easy to use wizard interface,
  • automatic identification of the default location for Thunderbird, Netscape, and Eudora mail folders
  • option to include all mailbox files under a selected folder
  • option to skip unwanted mail stored in the Trash and Junk folders
  • helpful documentation with many step-by-step tutorials, like these:
    • export Thunderbird to Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Live Mail
    • convert Eudora to Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Live Mail
    • merge several mailboxes into one MBOX
  • context-sensitive help

At last! A FREE tool that lets you:

  • reproduce the source folder layout in the target location
  • fix Eudora messages so they conform to the Internet standards
  • merge multiple MBOX files into a single one
  • set the file date of EML files to match the message date
  • eliminate email duplicates by creating MD5 EML file names

Genuine Freeware

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter is a genuine freeware product that won’t annoy you with intrusive adware, spyware components, or nag screens. It comes from Fookes Software, developers of the market-leading Aid4Mail email converter and the award-winning NoteTab text editors.

Aid4Mail MBOX Converter is delivered in a quality installer that doesn’t make any irreversible changes to your system. All its files are installed together under the folder of your choice.

You can easily uninstall Aid4Mail MBOX Converter at any time by using “Add/Remove Programs” in the Windows control panel.

IMPORTANT: The Aid4Mail MBOX Converter license agreement limits usage to processing your own personal private email only. If you need to convert mail in a professional context, please use the commercial edition of Aid4Mail instead.

Other Downloads

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Aid4Mail MBOX Converter runs under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4, ME, 98, Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 and 2003 or Linux in conjunction with Wine. Both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.
  • Hardware Requirements: 64 MB of RAM, 8 MB disk space. Pentium (or compatible) processor.

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