Accuracy Importing Outlook mail into Thunderbird

Comparing conversion accuracy between Aid4Mail, and Thunderbird’s import tool, when transferring an email message from Outlook to Thunderbird.

Using the Thunderbird Import Tool

Note the following problems:

  • the embedded picture has been misplaced and become a file attachment;
  • the Chinese file attachment name has been lost;
  • diacritical marks (like é, è, ç) are not displayed correctly making the French names and text unreadable;
  • status information has been lost: marked Unread instead of Read, Replied, and Flagged (not visible in screen shot).
Importing an Outlook email message into Thunderbird using Thunderbird’s import tool.

Using Aid4Mail

With Aid4Mail, the email is converted correctly without any of the problems mentioned above.

Converting an Outlook email message to Thunderbird using Aid4Mail.

With Aid4Mail, the embedded picture is displayed correctly and in context, the Chinese file attachment name is preserved, diacritical marks (like é, è, ç) are correctly rendered, and French names and text are legible. Not visible in the screen shot is the status information that has all been correctly preserved (Read, Replied, and Flagged).