Transfer EML files to Windows Mail

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Open Windows Mail.
  2. Select or create the folder that will receive your EML messages. It should be under Local Folders.
  3. If you chose to restore your source mail folder structure with Aid4Mail MBOX Converter, you will need to manually recreate your folder structure in Outlook Express. To add a new folder under the selected folder, right click on its name with your mouse and choose New Folder from the shortcut menu. This will open the Create Folder dialog box in which you enter your new folder name. Repeat this procedure for each folder that you want in your hierarchy.

    Note that this procedure can be very time consuming if you want to restore an elaborate folder structure. If you value your time, please consider using our Aid4Mail commercial edition which costs as little as $29.95 US and can export your Eudora or Thunderbird mail directly into Windows Mail with the folder structure intact.
  4. Open Windows Explorer (or another file manager if you prefer) and locate the folders that contain your EML files.
  5. Choose a folder in your file manager and select all the EML files in it (tip: use the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut in Windows Explorer to select all the files). Drag-and-drop the selected files into the mail folder of your choice in Windows Mail. Repeat this for every folder of EML files that you want to import.
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