Convert mail from Eudora to Outlook

Although the import tool in Outlook supports Eudora mailboxes, the quality of the converter is very poor and you are bound to lose a lot of email data, like text formatting, embedded images, and file attachments (see the examples here).

This is where Aid4Mail MBOX Converter can help. It can export your Eudora files to the standard EML format without altering the originals, and with much less data loss. These EML files can then be imported directly either into Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Windows Live Mail, which can all export your mail to Outlook. The result is a much better conversion.

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. First convert your emails from Eudora to EML.
  2. Next transfer your EML files to one of the following mail programs:
  3. Then export your emails using the same program as in step #2:

This final step requires that you have Outlook installed on your computer. Note that this procedure, like all other free methods, will not preserve your Eudora mail status information (unread, read, replied, etc.). Furthermore, images embedded in messages usually get converted to attachments in which case you will only see empty place holders in Outlook.

If you want to restore your mail status information and have images displayed correctly, as in your original messages, please consider using our Aid4Mail commercial edition. It costs as little as $29.95 US.

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