Merge several mailboxes into one mbox

Merging several mailbox files into a single one is extremely easy with Aid4Mail MBOX Converter. Simply follow the short tutorial below.

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Run Aid4Mail MBOX Converter and then click on the Choose Source Files tab if it isn’t already selected.
  2. Choose a mailbox format in the Select file format list.
  3. Add files and/or folders to the Choose files and folders to convert list. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to merge different mailbox formats together.
  4. You will probably want the Include subfolders and Skip trash & junk folders options ticked.
  5. Either click on the Next button or directly on the Set Target Options tab.
  6. Under Convert files to, select “mbox for Windows” (unless you want to create an mbox file for use on Unix or Mac).
  7. Uncheck the Restore source mail folder structure option and enter a file name in the Target folder or file name field. Note that Aid4Mail MBOX Converter will automatically create the folder and file if it doesn’t exist yet.
  8. Either click on the Next button or directly on the Start Conversion tab. You’re now ready to merge your selected source mailbox files to the target mbox file.
  9. Click on the Start button. Aid4Mail MBOX Converter will show which files it is processing in the progress window.
  10. On completing the email conversion, Aid4Mail MBOX Converter will display a status report at the end of the progress window. You can now click on the Close button to quit the Aid4Mail MBOX Converter program.
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