Aid4Mail 5 – Better than ever

Breaking news: Aid4Mail 5 Final now released!

Rewritten from the ground up with a new UI and up to 6x faster. Adds support for OST, OLM and Mimecast files. Offers powerful filtering with Gmail/MS 365 search operators, custom processing with Python scripts, simplified licensing, and lots more.

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Common solutions

Email conversion

Reliably convert most popular email formats and webmail services. Local formats include mbox, EML, MSG, PST, OST and OLM. Services include Gmail, Microsoft 365, MS Exchange, AOL, Yahoo! Mail and IMAP.

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E-discovery & forensics

Collect and identify mail including deleted and hidden data. Use powerful search queries and native pre-acquisition filtering. Convert mail to PST, HTML or PDF for review and production. Use file carving to recover MIME emails.

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Email migration

Secure on-premises migration of local and remote mail. Popular formats and services supported including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Amazon WorkMail as well as Mimecast and Proofpoint exports.

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Aid4Mail Converter

Collect mail from a large variety of files like PST, OST and OLM, and services such as Microsoft 365, Gmail and IMAP. Convert to local formats, e.g. mbox, EML and PST, or to files for review and production like CSV, HTML and PDF.

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Aid4Mail Investigator

All of Converter plus: Powerful search queries using Gmail and Microsoft 365 syntax, pre-acquisition filters, Python scripting, and forensic features to recover deleted and hidden email as well as corrupt or unknown mail formats.

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Aid4Mail Enterprise

All of Investigator plus: Multi-user license, run from a server or shareable flash drive, support for Google Vault, Mimecast and Proofpoint exports, migration to live accounts, and a CLI for seamless integration with other tools.

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Aid4Mail 5 offers…

  • Highly accurate email conversions
  • A fast and reliable processing engine
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • A robust IMAP client
  • Support for PST, OST, OLM, Exchange, …
  • Quality software made in Switzerland

Upgrade from Aid4Mail 4 (or earlier)

Still using Aid4Mail 4 or an earlier version? If so, you’re missing out on a lot of new features and improvements. We highly recommend you upgrade to Aid4Mail 5.

Aid4Mail 5 is a complete rewrite of the software. It offers a brand new user-interface, conversion engine and feature set. In many cases, you will notice a significant boost in speed—up to 6 times faster. Licensing and pricing are also new and improved, with many former license restrictions removed.

Benefit from a one-time upgrade discount of up to 20% depending on your upgrade path:

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