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Leverage the same email processing software as the Fortune 500, government agencies, and legal professionals around the globe. Made in Switzerland, Aid4Mail 5 for Windows enables you to recover, collect, search, and convert email data en masse.

Aid4Mail 5: Most Advanced Email Processing Software Available

Version 5 of Aid4Mail is 6x faster than before. With all new capabilities and higher speeds, you’re now able to find, process, and archive virtually any email. New features include:

  • Support for OST, OLM, Mimecast and Proofpoint files
  • Remote authentication for temporary access to custodian account
  • Email filtering using same syntax as Gmail and Microsoft 365
  • Native pre-acquisition filtering for Gmail, Outlook and IMAP
  • Market leading file carving to recover MIME emails

Use Cases

01 Use Case

Email conversion.

Take an email source and convert it into the format you need without a loss of visible or hidden data. Save time by running multiple conversions at once with a simple and intuitive user-interface and the fastest speeds on the market.

02 Use Case

E-discovery & forensics.

Collect email fast and reliably, including deleted and inaccessible messages. Perform data culling with Aid4Mail’s powerful search engine and native pre-acquisition filtering. Convert to PST, HTML or PDF for review and production.

03 Use Case

Email migration.

Breathe easy knowing that your data is safe, moving quickly, and will arrive fully intact. Leverage an on-premises email migration to provide the most secure solution; processing takes place locally on your hardware, reducing vulnerability to error and risks.


Aid4Mail Converter

Collect emails from most popular formats (eg. PST, OST, OLM) and service providers (eg. O365, Gmail, IMAP). Convert to local mail files like mbox, EML and PST, or for review and production in formats like CSV, HTML and PDF.

Aid4Mail Investigator

All of Converter plus: Use powerful search queries based on Gmail and Microsoft 365 syntax, native pre-acquisition filters and Python scripting. Forensic features enable you to recover deleted and hidden email, and process corrupt or unknown mail formats.

Aid4Mail Enterprise

All of Investigator plus: Extend your capabilities with support for Google Vault, Mimecast, and Proofpoint exports. Migrate mail to live accounts. Integrate the CLI with your tools. Manage multi-user licenses hosted on your server or on a flash drive for work in the field.

Aid4Mail 5 offers…

  • Extremely fast and reliable conversion
  • Recovery of deleted and corrupted emails
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Robust IMAP client with error correction
  • Support for all popular formats & services
  • Developed by perfectionists in Switzerland

Upgrade from Aid4Mail 4 (or earlier)

If you purchased an older version of Aid4Mail, now is the perfect time to upgrade to the most innovative email processing software on the market. Version 5 is a complete rewrite with new features, speeds, improvements, and experiences.

Aid4Mail 5 offers a brand new user-interface, conversion engine and feature set. In many cases, you will notice a significant boost in speed—up to 6 times faster. Licensing and pricing are also new and improved, with many former license restrictions removed.

Benefit from a one-time upgrade discount of up to 20% depending on your upgrade path:

In our testing, even with large mail files Aid4Mail produced problem-free exports in a few seconds.
PC Magazine (USA)

About Fookes Software

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For over 25 years we have been developing award-winning tools and productivity software. We also have more than 20 years of expertise in the field of email processing and analysis.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, law firms, universities, and professionals specializing in e-discovery and forensics from around the world.

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