Aid4Mail Investigator

Software to recover, collect, search, and convert emails. Designed for eDiscovery and forensics professionals, lawyers and people in IT.

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Aid4Mail Investigator expands the capabilities of Aid4Mail Converter into the world’s most advanced email e-discovery tool.


Find emails that are no longer available in the trash folder, or use the forensic file-carver to extract MIME emails from any kind of data.


Use the same, easy filtering-syntax as Gmail and Outlook to search entire emails including attachments.


Bates stamping and customized output through templates and Python scripting.

Compare Aid4Mail with Market Leaders

Aid4Mail is the industry leader in email forensics.

Aid4Mail Competing products
Extract emails from unknown file formats with forensic file-carving
Search all mail formats using Gmail and Microsoft 365 compatible syntax
Filter out non-personal emails (bulk mail, mailing lists, …)
Reorganize mixed email collections by individual account owner
Native pre-acquisition search with IMAP, Gmail, MS 365, Exchange and PST files not common
Recover MS Exchange items, and unpurged mail from IMAP accounts, MBOX files, Apple Mail and Maildir stores not common

eDiscovery Capabilities

Aid4Mail Investigator processes emails, images, and attachments 6x faster than the competition.


Your ability to find and collect email is near limitless. Search emails and attachments from nearly any source including delegated, shared, and public accounts. You can even extract MIME emails from any kind of file.

Before collection, search Gmail, Microsoft 365, Exchange, IMAP accounts and PST files to limit the scope. Filter down to what matters most and even recover double-deleted messages. With our proprietary Remote Authenticator, access accounts with the owner’s authorization but without needing their login details.


Aid4Mail has built its own search engine just for email. Use the same syntax as Gmail, Google Vault, and Microsoft 365 to find and filter emails 10x faster than e-discovery competitors. From simple Boolean and field searches, to synonyms and recursive searching, Investigator puts the power to cull data in your hands.

If that isn’t enough, Aid4Mail Enterprise can be installed on a server or flash drive so you can filter emails on any computer from anywhere.


Aid4Mail Investigator opens the door to even more conversion capabilities. Whether you convert the emails you’ve collected to PST, CSV, HTML, PDF, or one of our other many export options, you can ingest the email into your system any way you like.

When you convert with Aid4Mail, you can rest assured that every email message – header, body, metadata, and attachments – is preserved with the utmost accuracy.

Compare Aid4Mail Investigator with Aid4Mail Enterprise

Investigator can do a lot. Enterprise can do it all.

Investigator Enterprise
Convert Mainstream Formats
Process Attachments
Discover Hidden Emails
Recover 2x Deleted Emails
Advanced Filtering
Convert email archive exports from:
– Google Vault
– Mimecast
– Proofpoint
Install on a Server
Use on USB Flash Drive

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Flexible Licensing Options

Aid4Mail Investigator licenses range from 1 to 3 years. Every license enables you to process an unlimited number of mail accounts and files, whether in-house or external.

If you need to run Aid4Mail on a computer that doesn’t allow internet access, simply contact us for a free offline-activation code. Need Aid4Mail on a server? The Enterprise edition enables this too.

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Try it out for free-no commitment

There’s lots more in Aid4Mail Investigator, and the best way to discover its capabilities is to try it out. We offer a free trial version with no time limit, no forms to fill and no obligations. Simply visit our Downloads page to get your free trial now.

And if you would like to see a detailed feature comparison between the three Aid4Mail editions, check the Aid4Mail 5 feature comparison table in PDF format.

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