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Is Your Email Safe? This Email Archiving Software Keeps Your Data Secure

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All it takes is a low-level hacker breaking into your email and you could lose everything. Your bank accounts. Credit cards. Social media accounts. Everything tied to that email.

The hacker can put email rules into place that keep you from knowing he’s reset your passwords—giving him time to access your most sensitive and personal information.

It’s identity theft on steroids.

And if that’s not enough, consider the aftermath…

After regaining access to your email, in all likelihood, the hacker will have emptied it of all your stored data. Every email, every attached photo, all the correspondence you saved because you knew you might need it someday. And personal information too, like medical information, business agreements and vacation plans.

Especially today, as hackers become more and more skilled at finding tiny cracks in secure sites, your email is more vulnerable than you think!

Even Using a Trusted Email Service Like Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail is no Safeguard

Think you’re safe because you use a big-name email service? Think again.

In early 2013, Yahoo users were attacked if they clicked on a malicious link in their inbox. In mid-2013, Gmail was hacked. And that’s just two of many incidences.

In fact, there are groups of hackers (like LulzSec, operating under the motto "Laughing at your security since 2011") whose goal is to penetrate corporate sites and publish the stolen usernames and passwords. You’ve heard of the victims: Sony, Citibank, Veterans Affairs, and tech firms like Intel and Cisco.

The truth is, unless you’re regularly archiving your email, you’re at risk.

And not just from hackers:

  • Your email service may close down.
  • You may simply lose your login details.
  • You may experience a hard drive failure destroying your local mail store.

In any of these situations, you could lose your important data and odds are you’ll never get it back. Massive loss of email happens more often than you think. It affects thousands of people like you and me—every day.

The solution for all of them? Email archiving.

Why Email Archiving is so Important

Imagine for just one minute what it would be like if you lost all your email right now. What’s stored in your messages that you can’t afford to lose?

Perhaps you have emails from a departed family member. Or memorable pictures of a once-in-a-lifetime event. Maybe it’s key information for your business. Or years of crucial research data.

When you archive your email, you not only protect this data, you…

  • Stay below your mailbox quota limits.
  • Optimize the speed and memory usage of your email program.
  • Minimize the amount of sensitive information stored in the cloud.
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements (if you’re a business).
  • Reduce the cost of litigation and legal e-discovery.
  • Preserve your data long-term in a future-proof format.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. It’s time to start archiving your email today and (finally) enjoy real peace of mind.

Who Should You Trust For This Important Task?

There’s just one email archiving tool that makes it easy to protect yourself from bad surprises, like waking up to find that your email has been hacked.

Aid4Mail is one of the easiest and most trusted email archiving tools available today. It’s used by large corporations, government institutions, and individuals worldwide—because it gives you fool-proof results no matter how technical (or not) you happen to be.

Keep reading and learn how it can protect your important data.

A Quick Overview

Aid4Mail can archive email from well over 40 email programs and mailbox formats, as well as all the popular webmail services (Gmail,, and Yahoo! Mail). Local mail folders and files can be processed even when disconnected (unmounted) from their email client, including those stored on USB flash drives and external backup drives.

You can choose to archive your email to:

  •  well established formats like Outlook PST and MSG files,
  •  nonproprietary formats like mbox and EML files,
  •  formats that don’t require an email client program, like plain text, XML or PDF files,
  •  intermediary formats like CSV for importing into a database,
  •  alternative email accounts on the cloud,
  •  and to Aid4Mail’s highly compressed ZIP archive format…
Aid4Mail’s user-friendly wizard interface
Aid4Mail’s user-friendly wizard interface

Options are provided to ignore certain folders like deleted items and junk mail. You can also have Aid4Mail skip space-wasting duplicate emails.

Aid4Mail is the simplest solution on the market, with an easy-to-use wizard interface that guides you seamlessly through the process. You’ll also save time and frustration, thanks to its fast and reliable conversion engine.

Aid4Mail’s Unique ZIP Archive Format

Aid4Mail lets you choose whatever archiving format suits you best. Most don’t need explaining. But Aid4Mail’s unique ZIP archive format deserves your attention. Read more >

No Data Loss with Aid4Mail

Archiving email usually requires lots of data conversion. This type of conversion is a bit like language translation. Even a small mistake (like mistranslating a word or leaving out a phrase) can make a big difference.

Have you ever played around with an online translation tool, taking a sentence from English to another language and back to English again? Sure, these tools are useful. But only to a point. Unless your original phrase is very simple, its meaning can be garbled or lost altogether.

That’s exactly what can happen with email conversion prior to archiving.

Most programs can archive plain emails just fine. But when dealing with more complex emails—with embedded images or attachments, for instance—they lose your important data.

Unfortunately, it often takes expertise to detect this loss of data. In most cases, you won’t notice what you’ve lost until months or years later.

No such worries with Aid4Mail. You can trust our software to archive all your email messages accurately, including:

  •  mailbox folder structure
  •  message text formatting
  •  email status information (read, replied, flagged)
  •  sender and recipient email addresses
  •  dates and other metadata
  •  email attachments and embedded contents

The screenshots below show the results you get with a competing tool (left) and with Aid4Mail (right):

As you can see, Aid4Mail gives you more reliable results.

Nobody’s Perfect… but Aid4Mail Is As Close As it Gets

We’d love to tell you that Aid4Mail is perfect, but you and I both know that’s not possible. No vendor can make such a claim.

Of course, no archiving tool can do everything, so you’ll need to use your FREE Trial download to be sure it does the task you have in mind.

Here are the issues you need to be aware of…

  • To access Outlook/Exchange email profiles and PST files, Aid4Mail requires Office Outlook for Windows.
  • Microsoft Exchange messages can either be processed through an Outlook email profile, or through the IMAP protocol in which case the Exchange server needs to be set up for IMAP access.
  • Aid4Mail can only archive email messages from Lotus Notes and GroupWise through the IMAP protocol.

Who Needs Aid4Mail?

If you need an email archiving tool you can trust, that will get your job done fast without compromising quality, and that is competitively priced, it’s simple. Get Aid4Mail.

Perhaps you’ve been looking at low-cost or free solutions. Be aware, the money you save will come at a high price—you’ll pay the difference with your precious time and unsatisfactory archived results. Is it worth the headaches?

Perhaps you’re looking at more expensive products, believing the higher price tag means higher quality. But that’s not always true. Aid4Mail is one of the top email archiving tools on the market, yet it’s also one of the most competitively priced.

Why? Because we have the experience (and expertise) to code correctly the first time. Better programming is, in fact, less expensive to produce. And we pass those savings on to you.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers Can’t Be Wrong

Aid4Mail has thousands of satisfied clients in more than 100 countries around the world. They include businesses of all sizes, government agencies, leading universities, as well as a large number of students and home users.

Many we can’t name because of non-disclosure agreements. But some of them you’ll recognize: Harvard University, MIT, NASA, US Department of Justice, Hewlett Packard, Hoffmann-La Roche, The British Library and Credit Suisse.

These brands have the budget to select the finest resources for every project they complete. If Aid4Mail is their first choice, shouldn’t it be yours as well?

Here’s What our Users Had to Say About Aid4Mail

“Saved 15 years of my email history!! … Kept my original email dates, my folder structure, everything.”
– Heather Cochran, USA
“By gosh, [Aid4Mail] worked exactly as promised – no hang-ups at all. Not only was I able to make the conversion happen with ease, I was floored at the compression this app offered me. For those of us with a ton e-mail, this can translate into a real space saver.”
– Lockergnome review, USA
“I was also fascinated with the fact that Aid4Mail churned through my mail without crashing, stuttering, or spitting out any error messages: it just simply did the job.”
– Chris Jenkins, USA
“We work with over 1TB [one terabyte] of email per month and your Aid4Mail product has shown to be an integral part of our toolset for dealing with these volumes of email.”
– Jason Rappoport, USA

Try It FREE on Your Own Email

We highly recommend trying before you buy. There’s no better way to be sure Aid4Mail is right for you.

Download Aid4Mail now and begin using it immediately. It works in trial mode until you buy a license and enter your activation code in the program.

Ready to Buy Now? It’s Quick and Easy

Thank you for choosing Aid4Mail. With one license, you can archive all your personal mail accounts on a single PC and Windows login account. But if you need to archive mail stored on 3 different computers, or belonging to 3 different people, then you’ll need to purchase 3 Aid4Mail licenses. See our EULA for the details. You can specify the number of licenses on the next screen.

Aid4Mail Home
For Private Mail Only

  •  One-Year License
  •  50% discount on renewal
  •  Free support (within 48 hours)

Aid4Mail Professional
Professional & Private Mail

  •  One-Year License
  •  50% discount on renewal
  •  Free priority customer support
  •  Supports MS Exchange
     Process mail by date range
     Search/Filter emails
     Also converts to XML, CSV, PDF
     Use/create custom scripts

Double-check the system requirements here…

  • Operating System : Aid4Mail runs under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 and 2003 or Linux in conjunction with Wine. Both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.
    Windows 2000 / NT4 / ME / 98 / 95 should work but are not officially supported.
  • Internet : Online license activation, validation, and re-activation require an internet connection (offline activation option available with Aid4Mail eDiscovery editions).
  • Hardware Requirements : 64 MB of RAM, 12 MB disk space. Pentium (or compatible) processor.


Aid4Mail supports most commonly used mail formats and webmail services.

To see a full list of the formats Aid4Mail supports, click here.


There’s no better time than now to protect yourself against malicious attacks. Trust Aid4Mail to handle your email archiving—so you can get on with more important tasks. We’re the email specialists. Let us do our thing… so you can do yours.

Get your license now and start archiving your mail today. Or test drive Aid4Mail for free in trial mode and see for yourself how well it works. You’ll be up and running within minutes.