Aid4Mail pricing

Compare pricing and key features of Aid4Mail Converter, Investigator, and Enterprise. Use the Buy Now links to purchase a license and get started in minutes. First choose your validity period:

Aid4Mail Converter One-year license $299 USD
Aid4Mail Investigator One-year license $999 USD
Aid4Mail Enterprise One-year license $4,999 USD
Handle most mail storage files
PST, OST, OLM, MSG, MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Maildir, etc.

Access email service providers
Gmail, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP, etc.

Secure OAuth 2 access
Secure access to Gmail, Microsoft 365, and through OAuth 2.

Process 32/64-bit Outlook
Works seamlessly with both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook.

Custom filenames + bates numbering
Flexible template-based folder and file naming with support for basic Bates numbering.

Incremental processing + mail merge
Incremental processing and mailbox merging/splitting, including PST to PST.

Convert to PDF, HTML, CSV …
Convert emails and their metadata to PDF, PDF/A, HTML, XML, CSV, TSV, plain text.

Virtual environment licensing
We offer licensing options for running Aid4Mail in a virtual environment. Pricing is determined by the number of concurrent users plus the total number of users and installations. Contact us for a quote.

Powerful email searching
Extensive query syntax based on the same search operators as Gmail and Microsoft 365.

Native pre-acquisition filtering
Supports native pre-acquisition filtering with Gmail, Microsoft 365, MS Exchange and IMAP accounts, or PST files.

Eliminate duplicates + bulk mail
Eliminate duplicates and emails originating from mailing lists, bulk mail senders, notifications, etc.

Search attachments + metadata
Search any part of an email, including attachments, deeply embedded contents, and metadata.

Recover double-deleted emails
Access unpurged mail in mbox files, IMAP accounts, and “Recoverable items” in MS Exchange accounts (e.g. Microsoft 365,

Forensic MIME carving tool
Recovers MIME emails from any kind of file, including disk images, forensically-extracted unallocated disk space, and unknown mailbox formats.

Advanced Bates stamping
Fully customizable Bates stamping.

License tied to hardware, not user
License is tied to a computer or USB flash drive instead of a seat, allowing access by any number of users.

Run from a server
Install and run from a server or networked computer.

Run from shareable USB flash drive
Run from a shareable USB thumb drive.

CLI for automation
Command-line interface to automate email processing using scripts and batch files.

Backup failed email transfers
Backup emails that fail to convert/transfer to the target format.

Convert Vault, Mimecast exports
Access Google Vault, Mimecast, and Proofpoint exports in their native format (no need to unzip).

Migrate to Exchange, Google, IMAP, …
Migrate emails to MS Exchange, Microsoft 365, Gmail, and IMAP accounts (Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud …).

Pricing for one and three year licenses are shown without sales tax (VAT or GST). The amount charged will depend on your location.

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