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Collect email from dozens of mailbox formats and email services. Fast and accurate conversion at your fingertips.

What Do You Want to Convert?

Collect and convert emails accurately, reliably, and quickly with Aid4Mail Converter. It’s an ideal solution for preparing mail ingestion into archival, e-discovery and forensics tools. All popular mail services and file formats are supported.

Aid4Mail Converter can tackle almost any format

Microsoft Outlook Formats

Aid4Mail can access both local Outlook files and remote Exchange accounts. Local formats include PST, OST, OLM (Outlook for Mac) and MSG files. Exchange accounts can be accessed via an existing Outlook profile, the Microsoft Graph API or the IMAP protocol. Note that Microsoft email accounts like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365),, Hotmail, Live, and MSN all run on Exchange servers.

Cloud-Based Accounts

Aid4Mail integrates a very robust implementation of the IMAP protocol. This gives you the ability to collect email from a large number of service providers including Gmail, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365),, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, GMX, and iCloud.

In addition, you can access any email account managed by popular IMAP server software like Dovecot, Courier, and Zimbra. Aid4Mail also includes support for the ProtonMail IMAP Bridge application.

You have the option to access Gmail accounts securely via the Google API, and Exchange accounts (Microsoft 365, Hotmail, …) through Microsoft’s Graph API. Both of these methods rely on the secure OAuth 2 authentication protocol.

Local Mailbox Formats

Aid4Mail can extract mail from the following file formats:

  • Generic mbox files (mboxo and mboxrd variants)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
  • Google Takeout mbox files
  • Maildir and EML files
  • EMLX files from Apple Mail
  • PST, OST, OLM and MSG Outlook files
Database Formats

The PDF format is probably the most popular in this category. It is used by law firms and professionals in the field of e-discovery, auditing and litigation. Aid4Mail can create archivable PDF/A, press-ready PDF/X, and standard “full” PDF documents. The message text is fully searchable in these formats. You can also configure page headers and footers to include page numbering, Bates stamping, email metadata and custom text.

CSV (comma-separated values) and TSV (tab-separated values) formats are useful for viewing in Excel or for importing into a database program. Aid4Mail lets you configure the contents, including metadata and the message text. If you choose to include email attachments, they are stored separately in their native format and their file location is added to the delimited data.

The XML format is typically used for long-term archiving. It is a popular solution with national libraries. As with CSV and TSV formats, you can decide which metadata to include in the XML file; attachments are stored separately in their native format and links to them are saved in the XML file.

Common use cases:

  • Convert Microsoft OLM and OST files to PST
  • Export emails and their attachments to PDF documents
  • Collect mail from cloud-based accounts and save them to PST
  • Convert Outlook files to generic formats like EML and mbox
  • Merge Outlook MSG files into a PST file

See detailed specifications here

Compare Aid4Mail with Market Leaders

Aid4Mail is the industry leader in email conversion

Aid4Mail Competing products
High-speed email collection and conversion engine slower and less accurate
Reliably extract emails from corrupted mbox files
Remove journaling envelope and add its metadata to the original email
Reorganize and group emails by sender, recipient, date or other criteria
Fast incremental-processing for all source formats not common
Export email data to archival and database formats such as CSV, TSV, XML, PDF, Plain text and HTML (includes an HTML viewer) not common

Industry Leader in Email Processing


Convert local file formats 6-10x faster than the competition with Aid4Mail Converter.


Accurately capture email messages, attachments, and metadata without loss of information.


Aid4Mail is an on-premises tool only, ensuring secure processing at all times.

Why Choose Aid4Mail?

We have been developing software since 1990 and launched Aid4Mail in 2005. Aid4Mail is Swiss-made and built in-house, leaving us in control of its code. That’s how we’re able to optimize speed, accuracy, and security more than any competitor.

IT and Legal departments around the globe are using Aid4Mail. Clients include:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Defense agencies
  • Top law firms
  • Major banks
  • Prestigious universities

Join the ranks of world-class professionals that trust Aid4Mail for all of their email conversion requirements.

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Converter Investigator (Converter + More) Enterprise (Converter + Investigator + More)
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Process Attachments
6-10x Faster than Competitors
Capture Email Metadata
Discover Hidden Emails
Recover Double-Deleted Emails
Process Shared Accounts
Advanced Search and Filtering
Convert email archive exports from:
– Google Vault
– Mimecast
– Proofpoint
Install on a Server
Use on a USB Flash Drive

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Flexible Licensing Options

Aid4Mail licenses range from 2-weeks to 3 years. Every license enables you to process an unlimited number of mail accounts and files, whether in-house or external.

If you need to run Aid4Mail on a computer that doesn’t allow internet access, simply contact us for a free offline-activation code. Need Aid4Mail on a server? The Enterprise edition enables this too.

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There’s lots more in Aid4Mail Converter, and the best way to discover its capabilities is to try it out. We offer a free trial version with no time limit and no obligations. Simply visit our Downloads page to get your free trial now.

And if you would like to see a detailed feature comparison between the three Aid4Mail editions, check our Aid4Mail 5 feature comparison table in PDF format.

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