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You may already know that Aid4Mail is a game-changer for email forensics. But are you harnessing its full potential? Discover unique and powerful features to take your investigations to the next level.

Native Pre-Acquisition Filtering: Speed Up Collection

Collecting from PST files, Gmail, Microsoft 365, or IMAP accounts? Use Aid4Mail’s native pre-acquisition search to:

  • Filter mail directly on the server before downloading
  • Include specific keywords, dates, and message properties
  • Avoid downloading unnecessary emails

This significantly accelerates collection and reduces service-provider data throttling.

Advanced Search: Find Exactly What You Need

Go beyond basic keyword searches with Aid4Mail’s powerful query capabilities:

  • Fielded Searches: Target specific email and metadata parts
  • Boolean Operators: Combine terms with AND, OR, and NOT to create complex searches
  • Proximity Search: Find words that are close together or within the same sentence or paragraph
  • Deduplication: Eliminate duplicate emails across multiple datasets
  • Multilingual Stemming: Match word variants across 24 languages

Aid4Mail’s search features even surpass those of Gmail and Microsoft 365!

Email Recovery: Uncover Hidden Evidence

Dig deeper into your investigations with Aid4Mail’s advanced recovery tools:

  • Double-Deleted Emails: Retrieve unpurged mail from IMAP accounts, mbox files, and Exchange
  • Corrupted Mbox Files: Extract emails where other tools fail
  • MIME Data Carving: Recover emails from disk images, unallocated space, and any file of any type

Uncover crucial evidence that other forensic tools miss.

Preserve Data Integrity: Ensure Evidence is Admissible 

Aid4Mail excels at maintaining data integrity during collection and conversion:

  • Folder Structure: Reproduce original folder names and hierarchy
  • Attachments & Metadata: Preserve all attachments, headers, and email status information
  • Apple Mail & Thunderbird: Handle complex formats without data loss

Protect the reliability of your evidence with Aid4Mail’s 25 years of email processing expertise.

Customize Your Workflow: Tailor Aid4Mail to Your Needs

Adapt Aid4Mail to your unique investigation requirements:

  • Concurrent Processing: Run multiple collection and conversion tasks simultaneously
  • Python Scripting: Integrate OCR, sentiment analysis, customize output, and more
  • Command-Line Interface: Automate complex workflows and integrate them with other tools

Leverage Aid4Mail’s flexibility to streamline your email forensics process.

Elevate Your Email Investigations with Aid4Mail

You’re already on the path to faster, more effective email forensics with Aid4Mail. Now, take your investigations to new heights by unlocking its full potential. Explore Aid4Mail’s advanced features and see how they can transform your casework. 

Finding More Information

Aid4Mail comes with context-sensitive help, accessible from within the app–Simply press F1 to open it. This same information is also available in a comprehensive PDF user manual on our website and in your Aid4Mail program folder.

In the user manual, the “Native search terms” topic contains the information you need for native pre-acquisition filtering. You’ll find advanced search information and examples in the “Searching and filtering” topic. For details about email recovery, please refer to the “Searching unpurged mail” topic.

You can also find detailed descriptions of Aid4Mail’s unique capabilities on our Email Forensics page:

Visit the Email Forensics page

Still have questions? Our award-winning support team is ready to help you get the most out of your Aid4Mail experience.

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