How to convert Google Vault export to PST (Outlook)

With the Aid4Mail version 5 Enterprise license, you can process Google Vault exports in their native format. Google Vault exports are downloaded via the Google vault platform and come in ZIP files that contain additional zip files with MBOX files inside. It is important that the “meatadata.xml” and “results-count.csv” files are downloaded and saved in the same location as the main “Zip” file(s).

Here’s how Aid4Mail version 5 handles the Google Vault format:

  1. It can access the Google Vault MBOX files located in the zipped files in their native format. This means you don’t need to unzip all the files.
  2. Process all the emails for each email address while preserving the labels and email status information (replied, sent, etc..) for each email. This means Aid4Mail will be able to preserve the folder structure and save the emails with multiple labels into each target folder.
  3. Functionality to create multiple sessions to convert all the MBOX files from each email address to a separate PST file or to other supported formats like EML, MBOX, PDF or MSG.

Your Google Vault export should have a file/folder structure that looks similar to this:

Inside each of the zipped files for each email account, there will be an MBOX file. Again Aid4Mail 5 will be able to process all of the MBOX files inside of the zipped files, so there is no need to unzip them.

Let’s now go through how you can successfully process a Google Vault export to individual PST files for each email address using the Aid4Mail Enterprise license.

You can view our video tutorial here:

First let’s set-up a single session in Aid4Mail.

The Source format will be set to “Google Vault” and the ” Location” is set to where your Google Vault Export is located on your hard drive. For my example, it would be set to: C:\Users\Josh\Desktop\Google Vault Export\

The Target format can be set to “PST file” for example and the “PST File:” setting will be the location of where the PST file will be saved. For example it could be set to: C:\Users\Josh\Desktop\Google Vault Export\PST files\helpdesk.pst

I also set the Target “Location”, or base folder in the PST file, to: Google Vault Emails

The Target “Location” is optional and can be completely removed or changed to your preference.

You will want to make sure the “Folder Structure” option is set to “Same as source folder structure” so that Aid4Mail preserves the folder structure of the email account.

Again it is important that the “meatadata.xml” and “results-count.csv” files are downloaded from the Google Vault export and are saved in the same location as the main “Zip” file(s). In my case, these files would be found in the “Google Vault Export” folder.

Here is how my session looks with the example information I provided:

Once you have these options setup in the session, you can go to “Filter” and then select “Select in Folder Tree”. Now you can select which MBOX file to convert to the PST file.

Next, you can open the “Session List” and use the “Duplicate” button to duplicate all the settings from the session already created to a new session. For each new session, you will just need to update the “PST File:” location and select a different MBOX file to process.

Once all the sessions are setup, you can now decide how many sessions you would like to run concurrently (under “Options”>”Session” >”Multiple Sessions”) and then use the “Run All” button to automate and start processing all the sessions.

If you experience any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to buy an Aid4Mail license, please visit the Aid4Mail website.

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