Unprocessed items from Gmail “All Mail” or “Chats” label (folder)

When processing a Gmail account with Aid4Mail, all “Chats” messages from the account are archived with the “All Mail” label. In the Gmail account settings, you may also have the option “Show in IMAP” checked for the “Chats” messages. Here I have the option unchecked as Gmail will not actually provide these messages to Aid4Mail for processing as they are not actual emails. Further explanation below.

If you have “Show in IMAP” checked, you will see “Chats” in the folder structure with a total count of how many messages are present. When you process the account, no messages from the “Chats” label will be processed. This is because they are not actual emails and Gmail will not provide them to Aid4Mail for processing. The “All Mail” label (folder) contains the following items:

  1. Sent emails
  2. Archived emails
  3. Promotional emails
  4. Social emails
  5. Forum emails
  6. Chats

Please also be aware that if you have “Show in IMAP” unchecked, the Chat messages will still be shown in the “All Mail” label and will be taken into account when viewing the total item count of the “All Mail” label under “Folder Selection” in Aid4Mail.

Here is an example to further explain:

1. Using Aid4Mail and the IMAP log, you can see that we use the Status command for the Gmail server to tell us how many messages are in the folder. Here you can see that Google responds with “(MESSAGES 88539)” for the”All Mail” label (folder).

2. Now further down in the IMAP log when Aid4Mail gets to the “All Mail” label for processing, Aid4Mail asks the Gmail server to fetch or provide the messages with the “Examine” command. Once Aid4Mail does this, Gmail provides back with 11,244 existing (these are the emails).

3. After Aid4Mail has finished processing the account, it states in the Progress log that all 11,244 emails, that Gmail provided, were successfully processed. Gmail did not provided/fetch the other messages from the “All Mail” label as they are not actually emails but instead the Chat messages. This means that the Progress log will show that 77,295 items were not processed. 

If you want to double-check that this is correct, go to your Gmail account settings and check the option “Show in IMAP” for “Chats” (under Settings>Labels). After completing that, load the folder structure in Aid4Mail and see how many “Chats” messages are in the label (folder). Of course, if any chats have been sent or received since the processing completed, the number may be higher.

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