To do so, Aid4Mail searches through all your address books (as listed in the Addressing configuration of your Outlook profile) for a case-insensitive exact match of the X.400 address.

The X.400 to SMTP conversion fails if there is no match or if the matching contact item does not have a corresponding email address in SMTP format.

If your mail source is a PST file, Aid4Mail can only search contact items in the local address book.

If the information necessary for the X.400 to SMTP conversion is stored in an external list (GAL or other directory service), then first create an Outlook profile that is connected to your directory service (use LDAP to connect your GAL).

Next, add your PST file to the profile and set it as the default store.

Finally, in Aid4Mail choose the Email Profile option instead of the PST file as your Mail Source.

Note that X.400 to SMTP conversion is limited to outgoing source messages (usually stored in the Sent Items folder).

With incoming messages, Aid4Mail restores the original SMTP email header which normally never has email addresses in the X.400 format.

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